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Should on site offerings be modified (retail, restaurants, lodgings....)?

over 1 year ago
The deadline for participating in this discussion was April 15.
t_noakes about 1 year ago
Yes, less of all.Or, make it worthwhile. Dining options are all too expensive, and the fare is mediocre at best. As far as shopping is concerned, it's all tchotchkes and junk. There's nothing available that will encourage me to go to the Old Port specifically to purchase it.As far as lodgings are concerned, this is tricky. Right now the Old Port is a public space. Real-estate development would certainly bring in a lot of money, but it will also make Montrealers worried their city's starting to look like Toronto. An innovative solution to this problem would be to permanently moor a cruise-ship or ocean-liner and turn it into a combination hotel, reception and convention centre, such as was proposed by Jean Drapeau forty years ago.
Enerjoule about 1 year ago
The prospect of servers carrying full trays of food and drinks through the masses of people who gather in the square is untenable. Please rethink this!
afgcons about 1 year ago
I propose to invite the Railway Museum in St-Constant to relocate a major part of its collection into one of the old sheds, Almost all of their collection once rolled the nearby rail tracks... Let's bring it "home", where more people can see it., I am in no way related to the museum. And they might not have seen my email when you contact them.
IExistToo about 1 year ago
Oh, definitely. Considering how many of them are priced out of reach of the average LOCAL CITIZEN (whose tax dollars are the reason for them in their eyes), it's a good idea to consider the state of the grounds on which they walk in the winter.