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What types of improvements can be made to the site?

over 1 year ago
The deadline for participating in this discussion was April 15.
Lorraine O'Donnell about 1 year ago
I agree with others on this site who are calling for improvements to the landscaping around the Black Rock. Currently there is a once-beautiful wrought iron fence that is falling apart, and an eyesore of a billboard in the background when one views the site from the main parking lot entrance. It should be dignified and beautiful to honour the Irish who died fleeing the worst years of the 19th-century Famine.
Marg about 1 year ago
Please do consider including as much space as is possible to honour and remember all the souls who perished in coming to their new country, along with all those who bravely and selflessly helped the families through such horrendous trying times. This is a momentous part of our entire country's history, but never more so than the incredible story of Montreal and it's multi-cultured society from the very beginning. I look forward to hearing about the beautiful respectful space that you will plan. Best wishes, and God Bless.
Caitlin Moynan about 1 year ago
A cultural green space beside the Black Rock is needed! It will represent our history and commemorate the Irish and Montrealers that died from the Typhus disease. It will also be a great place for tourists to visit and an amazing place for Montrealers to spend their time. So much good can come from this.
FKeyes about 1 year ago
The Montreal Irish Monument Park foundation has been working for years to have the City of Montreal and the other levels of Government build a beautiful green space on the Montreal side of the Victoria Bridge around the “Black Rock”.This space would remember the 6000+ Irish immigrants that died and were buried in the area in 1847, as well as, the many Montrealers that went to provide aid and comfort, caught the Typhus disease, and also died; and the many Montreal French speaking families that opened their doors to the 1000+ young Irish boys & girls that became orphans as a result of this tragedy.It is our understand that the property where we would like to have this green space built is owned by a Federal agency called - ‘The Old Montreal Port”For additional information, please visit our web page at:
IrishMontrealer about 1 year ago
There should be signage, a walking trail, and statues to commemorate the Irish famine of 1847, where Montreal Mayor John Easton Mills died caring for the refugees, along with dozens of religious and medical caregivers, as well as around 1000 Montrealers. It is important to remember that Windmill Point played a key role as a place of disembarkment for 75,000 Irish Famine refugees in the tragic year of 1847. From there, they moved to fever sheds near the Wellington Bridge, then on to new sheds in Point Saint Charles where the Black Rock now stands to mark the burial ground. Around the world cities are developing world-class cultural and memorial parks at Famine sites, boosting tourism and commemorating the victims of this senseless tragedy. One of the best ways to improve the visitor experience at the Old Port would be to acknowledge and highlight this moving legacy. About 40% of Quebecers have Irish heritage and many of their ancestors are buried in the vicinity. This is a story that should never be forgotten, especially because it provides lessons for today. I wrote a paper about the subject on the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation website:
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Condran family about 1 year ago
I hope that the history of that area is not forgotten.The Irish have contributed so much to the city they where as longshoremen or labourers at the docks.Irish where the biggest group of workers involved in the construction of the Lachine Canal which opened in 1825. and later its expansion in 1843 and 1848 and then again in 1875.They also helped build the Victoria bridge which linked Montreal to the North America railway system.Many become prominent members of the elite.Mcord family.William Clendinneng.Charles Gurd.Herbert Samuel Holt.I hope the old port respects that history.The Black Rock of course is the symbol of that history with all Irish greatful to Quebec for there support.Would love to a memorial park around that site.
JT about 1 year ago
There is unlimited potential with the Old Port of Montreal, especially if the goal is to be a world class tourist attraction.1. First and foremost, the Old Port needs to remain a port, and upgrades should be made to accommodate the latest and largest cruise ships.2. A permanent facility to showcase Le Cirque du Soleil all year round.3. There is no better place to build a new Expos stadium then the Old Port. Waterfront stadiums have been done in other cities with incredible success, San Francisco and Pittsburgh, and the economic impact would be huge.4. Montreal is overdue for a world class aquarium. Many major cities, Toronto, Phoenix, ect. have built brand new, privately funded aquariums. This would also provide a year round attraction.5. Montreal is also overdue for its own carnival (Mardi Gras) and parade. This could integrate the Old Port with Old Montreal and give people another reason to come during the winter6. Have a nightly lightshow like in Ottawa with the Parliament building, which has been an overwhelming success.There is more than enough room, WE just need to get back our vision we once had. I also agree with many of the comments that cars should be banned and walkways should be upgraded with new stones and designs, upgrade with regular and colorful lighting, a large central fountain to greet and gather everyone, and some restaurants and bars to accommodate all the people year round.
4_MTL about 1 year ago
I have to agree with some of the previous comments as to the current state of some of the installations. That being said, to truly make use of the entire port, the project scope should stretch from the clock tower all the way to the Lachine canal (which is beautiful but relatively unexplored by the average tourist due to the distance). Some kind of electric tram or "super moving walkway" would not only get people where they want to go quickly, but also be an attraction in itself.
TtalkMTL about 1 year ago
Integrate the old with the new. I'm thinking a large screen that lines the side walk, and the screen show's Montreal, starting out as a small Native village Hochelaga, and in a 5-10 minute time period show the development of Montreal from the 1600 - Present time. Almost like the elevator in New York City that Goes from the top to bottom and and the other way around of the new Freedom Tower. this is the YouTube link.
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t_noakes about 1 year ago
I like this idea a lot. People need to understand why it's called the Old Port. As it is, aside from a row of old buildings and a vaguely nautical theme, it doesn't feel like a port at all. An inexpensive way to do this would be to use the 'Corridart' model developed by Melvin Charney.
t_noakes about 1 year ago
1. Simple repairs: fix everything that's broken and give it all a fresh coat of paint.2. Get rid of the vending machines (they're tacky)3. Provide at least one concession stand that offers inexpensive, healthy food and drink4. Install more park furniture (benches, picnic tables, garbage and recycling bins)5. Better lighting6. More public washrooms, hire attendants, keep them spotless7. More drinking fountains8. Figure out a way to turn the Bonsecours Market into something that more closely resembles the Atwater Market, with stalls on the north side of Rue de la Commune, and make the market more of an 'entrance' into Old Montreal. As it is currently, it's too much of a barrier.
afgcons about 1 year ago
As it is, there are no "Family Bathrooms" where a caregiver of the opposite sex can assist the caretaker without either one being in the wrong bathroom.
afgcons about 1 year ago
As an absolute minimum, while on Daylight Savings Time, prohibit all car/truck/bus/motorcycle travel on rue St-Paul and rue de la Commune between 9am and 11pm.
IExistToo about 1 year ago
Making it a car-free zone is an excellent start. Not just for one day, but 24/7. Also remembering that there are pedestrians, not just cyclists, not just unions, and not just out-of-town tourists who don't see the reality the local citizens face daily. If the higher-ups take the initiative and don't concern themselves exclusively with selfies and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, their words will hold more weight.